Gourmet Jams & Jellies Order Form

Product Price Quanity Product Price Quanity
Jellies, Jams, & Marmalades     Jellies, Jams, & Marmalades
Apple Jelly 6.25 Apple Pie Jam 6.25
Apricot Jam N/A Apricot Jelly N/A
Blackberry Jam 6.25 Cherry Jam N/A
Cranberry Jelly 6.25 Cranberry Marmalade 6.75
Gingered Pear Jam 6.25 Gingered Rhubarb Jam 6.25
Grape Jelly 6.25 Heavenly Jam 6.25
Jalapeno Jelly 6.25 (Pineapple, Peaches, Maraschino Cherry)
Lemon Ginger Marmalade N/A Orange Marmalade 6.75
Peach & Raspberry Jam 6.25 Peach Jam 6.25
Peach Jelly N/A Peach Marmalade 6.75
Pear Jelly N/A Pineapple Apricot Jam 6.25
Pineapple Jam 6.25 Pineapple Jelly N/A
Pomegranate Jelly 6.25
Raspberry Jam 6.25 Red Pepper Jelly N/A
Rhubarb Jam 6.25 Spiced Cranberry Jam 6.25
Strawberry Jam 6.25 Strawberry Pineapple Jam 6.25
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam 6.25 Strawberry Jam w/ Chambord 6.25
Tomato Jam 6.25 White Grape Jelly 6.25
Wild Blueberry Jam 6.25 Beach Plum Jelly 11.50
Bob's Famous Homemade Fudge: Bob's Famous Homemade Penuche:
Plain Fudge (7oz.) 7.00 Penuche (7oz.) 7.00
Nut Fudge (Walnut) (7oz.) 7.00 Nut Penuche (Walnut) (7oz.) 7.00
Peanut Butter Fudge (7oz.) 7.00


Briar Lane is a long- established (1932), family- run business. We have over 45 kinds of home made jams, jellies and marmalades. We also have Wild Maine blueberries, Cranberry Chutney, Peach Chutney, etc., and we are the only place to purchase Bob's Fudge. We only use PURE Cane Sugar--not Corn Syrup! We have been rated by the N.Y.T. travel section twice as the number one spot on Cape Cod to get Jellies. We also have been featured in the Boston Globe and numerous other fine publications!